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Anthony Lowe – General Manager

Over the last 12 years I have worked for Australian Customs and the Attorney Generals Department in various roles.

I have developed strong working relationships within these roles and have had the opportunity to work alongside organisations including Australian Federal Police, local law enforcement and other government agencies both domestic and international.

Whilst my public service career has given me incredible opportunities, both my partner, Michelle and I wanted to pursue a different path to provide security for our future. We feel The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) franchise allows us to make a difference to people’s lives. It is heartbreaking to see in our community circumstances where people feel taking drugs is the answer. Drug use has a wide effect, not only on the user but on family, friends and community.

TDDA delivers a National service ranging from drug policy development; training and education; and onsite drug testing in the workplace. The mobile testing vans provide an innovative service to clients which delivers positive effects in the workplace with safety being a number one priority.

The Drug Detection Agency’s vision “creating drug-free environments” and their core values not only support their ethos of making a difference to the workplace but also the community.

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings” – John F. Kennedy

An alcohol and drug free workplace is essential to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and it is critical that employers do whatever is practicable to achieve workplace safety under the WHS Act.

On a daily basis, TDDA Werribee, Port Melbourne and Footscray can provide our professional expertise and experience in workplace drug and alcohol testing. We have purpose built mobile vans available 24/7 to attend your workplace for scheduled or post incident testing. We can also provide education sessions as part of the onsite drug and alcohol program which plays a vital role towards acceptance of the drug and alcohol testing policy at all levels of the business.

Our clients range across many of Victoria’s major infrastructure works currently underway. They include road projects, tunnels, bridges, to road and rail transport. We also service the incredibly dynamic ports areas of Melbourne, many modes of transport and logistics, manufacturing and much more. No matter what the size of your business, TDDA Werribee and Port Melbourne are there assisting in keeping workplaces safe.

Everyone deserves a safe workplace, don’t you think? We can help!

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Anthony Lowe

Anthony Lowe

General Manager

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TDDA Werribee are members of:

  • Civil Contractors Federation
  • Safety Institute of Australia
  • Victorian Transport Association

VTA Drug testing Seminar

The VTA People Group recently conducted a seminar on ‘Clearing the haze, the latest trends in workplace drug testing’. The seminar proved to be a highly valuable session for all participants who were lucky enough to hear from The Drug Detection Agency’s Kirk Hardy (CEO) and Anthony Lowe (Port Melbourne & Werribee GM) who demonstrated their breadth of knowledge and expertise in this field. They provided a great insight into the latest substance facts and research; drug trends and challenges being faced by Australian workplaces.


TDDA Training Days

We’ve had a couple of exciting and informative days spent taking in new information, and learning about new products and services TDDA will be offering. Many changes in the workplace drug and alcohol testing field and we are keeping on top of the latest testing technologies, with lots of new training material also available. Great to catch up with colleagues from around Australia within TDDA.

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