24 hour Mobile Drug Testing Now Available in Tasmania

Posted by TDDA

Our TDDA Tasmania office recently attended the @worksafetasmania Expo at one of Launceston’s most significant heritage building – the Albert Hall. The expo was a comprehensive health, safety and wellbeing event with exhibitors and keynote speakers all working towards making Tasmanian workers safer, healthier and more productive.

TDDA’s Tasmanian office recently established to keep up with the increased demand for workplace drug testing we’re experiencing in Australia. Tasmania also offers 24/7 mobile drug and alcohol testing services.

TDDA Tasmania specialises in all aspects of drug and alcohol workplace testing, policy development, education and training. Our around the clock mobile service means we come to you with minimum interruptions and disruptions for your business and workforce.

We take pride in the fact that all our screening and confirmation testing processes meet strict compliance guidelines and together with the highest quality procedures, we minimise exposure for our clients in the unlikely event a legal challenge arises.

On-site drug and alcohol testing can deliver benefits that traditional methods of drug screening cannot.  It eliminates the need for sending an employee offsite to the nearest medical office or laboratory to have a urine sample taken.

Traditional methods of testing can mean delays of up to 24 hours to as long as a week and can be especially costly if a drug or alcohol impaired employee causes an incident while waiting for testing results – legal, financial and reputational costs can be significant.

Our on-site testing vans are specifically designed to deal with legal and compliance issues and all signage is removable for discreet testing requirements.

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