Synthetic Drug Testing

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, over 200 new psychoactive substance—synthetic drugs—have been identified on the global markets since 2009.  

Most prevalent among them are synthetic cannabis or cannabinoids, and synthetic cathinone, aka bath salts. Both compounds pose a genuine risk in the workplace due to their unpredictable effects on the user. 

What drugs can be tested for?

TDDA offers a synthetic drug test that best suits synthetic drugs of abuse available at present. 

Drug testing ensures safer workplaces
Pharmaceutical opioids

Where can TDDA’s synthetic drug testing services be of help?

TDDA mobile drug testing clinics
  • Workplace testing 
    • Pre-employment 
    • Random  
    • Return-to-work 
    • After incidents/ accidents 
    • Reasonable cause 
    • Rehabilitation

      Why choose TDDA’s synthetic drug testing services?  

      The legal party pill and illicit drug market has seen the appearance of dozens of synthetic cannabis and cathinone type products, often presented as legal alternatives to cannabis and ecstasy.  

      The increased risk posed by these substances relates not only to their increased potency, but also their association with being undetectable with routine drug testing systems. 

      TDDA has the expertise to test for both types of these drugs.

      TDDA mobile drug testing clinic at forestry site

      Ready to chat about synthetic drug testing?

      Their service is second to none: they make the staff feel comfortable when completing the drug testing they are very informative to all staff and management but at the same time the testing is very confidential. They have the ability to drug test on site, off site and any time of the day which makes it so easy for us. What a fantastic team!!!!!

      Shantee Palmer
      Operations Manager
      Natural Insulation Northland

      Thanks so much. I just wanted to say that we could not be happier with the way the first batch of tests has gone. The testers has been fantastic and have really made a great impression with our team members, super friendly and professional. 

      Ralph Cobban
      National Work Health and Safety Advisor
      Pulitano Group of Companies

      The Team at TDDA did an amazing job helping us to implement random drug testing into our workforce. Our team members see management working with them to assist us to becoming a drug and alcohol-free workplace, which has strengthened our team culture. 

      Sharlene Duncan
      HR Manager
      Mitre 10