Urine Drug Testing

A urine drug test analyses urine for the presence of a number of illegal drugs and prescription medications.

There are many legitimate reasons why an employer may require an employee to undergo a urine drug test – from due diligence as part of the hiring process; to creating a safe environment or as part of an internal investigation.

Workplace drug testing

Benefits of urine drug testing

  • Well-established and highly accurate
  • Extensive range of detectable drugs
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast results
  • Robust processes governed by an Australasian standard
Urine testing can identify cannabis

What drugs can be tested for?

TDDA offers a range of urine drug test panels to suit your needs, including but not limited to: amphetamines; benzodiazepines; cocaine; methamphetamine; opiates & opioids; cannabis, synthetic drugs like synthetic cannabis and others.

Where can TDDA’s urine drug testing services be of help?

TDDA urine testing cups

Depending on your needs and what you are trying to achieve, urine drug testing can assist in a number of situations including:

  • Workplaces
    • Pre-employment testing
    • Random
    • Rehabilitation
    • Return to work
    • After incidents/accidents
    • Where there are good grounds to suspect drug use
  • Family law matters

Why choose TDDA’s urine drug testing services?

TDDA uses a urine screening device which has verification under ‘Appendix B’ of the AS/NZS 4308:2008 Standard. We believe this device is the best on the market for quick and reliable identification of ‘at risk’ employees in the workplace and better for the environment, ensuring the devices we use contain less plastics. Talk to TDDA today to discuss the testing method that is right for your workplace.

TDDA Urine drug screening cups

Need help with urine drug testing?

After extensive research TR Group selected TDDA as its testing provider. The manner that they have conducted themselves with the selected person for testing has resulted in TDDA being regarded as part of the team rather than an imposition or threat. I would highly recommend TDDA to any potential party seeking an outsourcing solution to complement their Health and Safety programme.

Andrew Roberts
People Care and Development Manager
TR Group

Their service is second to none: they make the staff feel comfortable when completing the drug testing they are very informative to all staff and management but at the same time the testing is very confidential. They have the ability to drug test on site, off site and any time of the day which makes it so easy for us. What a fantastic team!!!!! 

Shantee Palmer
Operations Manager
Natural Insulation Northland

Drug testing continues to be a dynamic area of the health and safety industry. New drugs and therefore testing technology and devices are evolving at a faster rate than previously. One of the bonuses of using TDDA has been the provision of accurate advice and on-going assistance of a technical nature prior to testing and ongoing. 

Lynn Hart
National OHS Supervisor
Ullrich Aluminium