Training and education are the keys to the effective implementation of workplace substance (drug and alcohol) use policies.
TDDA offers specialised training and education services for all levels of employees. 

Employee Education

Drug Testing Employee Education

Obtaining team buy-in through education is crucial as substance testing in the workplace can be sensitive.  

Topics covered in these 75-minute sessions include work health and safety legislation; introducing your drug and alcohol policy; drug and alcohol testing in the workplace; drug and alcohol abuse risks and effects; drugs being tested for including illicit and prescription drugs; drug and alcohol testing procedures and what to expect. 

In-house Employee Education caters for up to 35 employees per session. 

Management Training

Workplace managers need to be equipped to detect signs of substance abuse and trained to handle related scenarios.  

Topics covered in our 4-hour Management Training sessions include duties under the Work Health and Safety legislation; statistics and facts about drug use and testing; drug and alcohol testing in the workplace; drug/substance use signs and symptoms indicators and paraphernalia; effective use of the TDDA Managers app; establishing reasonable grounds; search and seizure; and group scenario work. 

TDDA management training

Management Training courses can be offered in-house or at TDDA locations together with participants from other organisations. They can cater for up to 20 management staff per session.

Comprehensive Substance Identification

(CSi) Training 

TDDA CSi training

If you are responsible for managing your organisation’s drug and alcohol policy or testing programme, our Comprehensive Substance Identification Training (CSi) is for you.  

CSi is the scientifically-backed Drugs of Abuse Recognition (DAR) programme, modified to suit the workplace. This is the highest level of drug and alcohol training and the first of its kind to be delivered across Australasia.  

Topics covered in this full-day professional training course include: 

  • Understanding the eight major drug categories 
  • Deep dive into problematic drugs in the workplace, including prescription medications 
  • Applying the Drugs of Abuse Recognition (DAR) 7-step process by examining the eyes, balance, coordination, and pulse 
  • When to apply the CSi process and how to do so with confidence 
  • Scenarios and practical exercises 
  • Working through the TDDA CSi APP and generating a report  
  • How CSi fits with your company’s substance use policy 

      Managers who participate in this training will receive the TDDA CSi app, a CSi-trained certification card, as well as a certificate of completion. 

      CSi training can be arranged in-house or at TDDA locations together with participants from other organisations. They can cater for up to 20 management staff per session. 

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      The TDDA Managers Training course was one of the most enjoyable and informative courses that I have ever attended. (That includes my 21 years’ experience in the NZ Army). The manner in which you delivered it meant that my eyelids didn’t droop once (a first) and I came away very impressed, motivated and refreshed.

      I look forward to getting you here to do the same with my staff as I know that they too will gain a lot from attending and more importantly – if anyone can get their “buy in” I am convinced you are that person.

      Ian A Beker, QSM, AFNZIM
      General Manager
      Southland disAbility Enterprises Ltd

      I have been using TDDA for a number of years to undertake D&A on-site testing which has proven to be a valuable asset on our projects, and I believed I had a pretty good awareness when identifying drug users. Recently I attended the TDDA CSi course and the learnings from the day have given me so many more tools to help identify users along with an increased awareness of the effect the various drugs have on a person’s physical and mental state. If you are in the position of being responsible for managing your organisations D&A programme then the CSi course is a must to attend.

      Dean Sinton
      Head of QHSE
      GEA NZ

      TDDA consulted closely with us to customise their management and employee training to fit with our culture. We were extremely pleased with the high level of professionalism and expertise of TDDA as these sessions rolled out nationally.

      Shona Taylor
      National OSH Manager