Drug Testing

Every worker has a right to safety, and every business needs to take protecting employees seriously. Business owners, managers and supervisors bear a responsibility under health and safety legislation to take all reasonable steps to ensure no one is injured or killed on site.

Failing to do so can not only lead to legal grievances and charges against owners and management, it also negatively impacts on the organisations culture.   

One of the ways businesses can create a drug-free workplace is by implementing substance testing — such as pre-employment, reasonable cause, and random drug and alcohol testing.  

Pre-employment drug testing 

Pre-employment drug testing is basic due diligence when hiring. It provides a risk assessment of potential candidates and helps ensure the right people are operating within your business.  

When combined with a policy discussion, it sets the tone for employment and details what are acceptable behaviours before the first day of work starts. It’s better to stop risks before they enter your business.  

Mobile drug testing

On-site substance testing programmes present many advantages for businesses compared to traditional methods, such as sending employees to the nearest laboratory, which can cause disruptions to operations.  

TDDA offers the very best in 24/7 mobile substance testing services. In addition to clinics throughout New Zealand and Australia, we have a fleet of purpose-built mobile clinics which allow clients the option of coming to us or having TDDA visit. This means less downtown for you and your workforce. 

Furthermore, signage on all TDDA mobile clinics can be removed before arrival at your workplace for increased discretion.

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The Team at TDDA did an amazing job helping us to implement random drug testing into our workforce. Our team members see management working with them to assist us to becoming a drug and alcohol-free workplace, which has strengthened our team culture.

Sharlene Duncan
HR Manager
Mitre 10

Their service is second to none: they make the staff feel comfortable when completing the drug testing they are very informative to all staff and management but at the same time the testing is very confidential. They have the ability to drug test on site, off site and any time of the day which makes it so easy for us. What a fantastic team!!!!!

Shantee Palmer
Operations Manager
Natural Insulation Northland

After extensive research TR Group selected TDDA as its testing provider. The manner that they have conducted themselves with the selected person for testing has resulted in TDDA being regarded as part of the team rather than an imposition or threat. I would highly recommend TDDA to any potential party seeking an outsourcing solution to complement their Health and Safety programme.

Andrew Roberts
People Care and Development Manager
TR Group