Imperans provides a secure state of the art digital environment for your business drug testing and occupational health requirements. Imperans enables you as the customer the ability to monitor, measure, manage your data as it is happening in real time.  Providing you the ability to identify and predict potential risks within your business to respond pro-actively with solution-based outcomes before it happens.  

Imperans “You’re in Command Now”

Why is TDDA using Imperans to deliver our drug and alcohol testing services?

Functions Features

Imperans is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that has elevated TDDA’s operations to new heights. Designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your drug and alcohol testing requirements, Imperans has revolutionised the way TDDA delivers their testing services. With its wide range of powerful functions, Imperans offers a highly efficient digital solution that optimises productivity, ensures accuracy, and simplifies the entire testing process. Explore the key features of Imperans below:


Client Portal Database

Imperans provides a client portal that serves as a secure and centralised platform for managing all testing requirements. With this secure and user-friendly interface, customers can conveniently access, track, and manage their testing requirements with peace of mind. The client portal ensures the highest level of security, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the testing process.


Electronic Data Capture for Testing

Imperans streamlines the testing process by enabling the capture of testing data digitally. This approach eliminates the reliance on paper-based documentation and greatly simplifies the collection and management of vital testing information. By embracing digital data capture, Imperans enhances efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility, ensuring a streamlined and error-free testing experience.


Real-Time Notifications for Clients

Imperans keeps you informed every step of the way. Through real-time notifications, you receive immediate updates on completed tests, available results, and any further actions required.


Environmentally Friendly 'Paperless' Platform

Imperans embraces sustainability by offering a paperless solution. Imperans minimises TDDA’s ecological footprint by eliminating the need for paper-based testing documents.


Higher Quality Process and Improved Accuracy

Imperans is dedicated to delivering a higher quality testing process. By automating critical steps and reducing manual intervention, the platform minimises the likelihood of errors and enhances the accuracy of results. Experience the power of Imperans and unlock the full potential of your drug and alcohol testing management. Embrace a secure, efficient, and future-ready solution that transforms the way you conduct testing operations.


Automated Test Booking Process

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual test booking. Imperans automates the entire test booking process, saving time, and eliminating errors.


Drug Test Results

Stay on top of your testing results with Imperans’ intuitive result dashboard. This dynamic dashboard provides a real-time overview of ongoing tests, allowing you to monitor progress, track completion, and identify any outstanding actions.


Real-Time Management Reporting

Effortlessly manage and access test results with Imperans. Harness the power of real-time data for informed decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and comprehensive reporting for boards and stakeholders. Imperans enables you to generate detailed reports that provide valuable insights to boards, allowing them to stay informed and make strategic decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Stay ahead of the curve with instant access to crucial insights and powerful reporting capabilities through Imperans’ real-time management reporting feature.


Safer Storage of Information

Imperans prioritises the utmost data security and privacy, ensuring the safeguarding of your valuable testing data and mitigating risks for your business. The Imperans platform leverages state-of-the-art security features built upon the highly secure Microsoft Azure platform. With a strong emphasis on data protection, Imperans adheres to industry best practices and compliance standards, including regular audits, to maintain the highest levels of security and privacy. Trust Imperans to provide a secure environment for your testing data, where your sensitive information always remains protected.

By utilising Imperans as your digital platform for Drug and Alcohol services, you can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your testing processes. It ensures the security and privacy of sensitive information, while providing convenient access and real-time reporting. The user-friendly interface, customizability, and integration capabilities contribute to a seamless experience. With dedicated support and training, you can confidently rely on Imperans to streamline your operations and enhance your service delivery.

TDDA Client Experience

Imperans “You’re in Command Now”

The Team at TDDA did an amazing job helping us to implement random drug testing into our workforce. Our team members see management working with them to assist us to becoming a drug and alcohol-free workplace, which has strengthened our team culture.

Sharlene Duncan
HR Manager
Mitre 10

Their service is second to none: they make the staff feel comfortable when completing the drug testing they are very informative to all staff and management but at the same time the testing is very confidential. They have the ability to drug test on site, off site and any time of the day which makes it so easy for us. What a fantastic team!!!!!

Shantee Palmer
Operations Manager
Natural Insulation Northland

After extensive research TR Group selected TDDA as its testing provider. The manner that they have conducted themselves with the selected person for testing has resulted in TDDA being regarded as part of the team rather than an imposition or threat. I would highly recommend TDDA to any potential party seeking an outsourcing solution to complement their Health and Safety programme.

Andrew Roberts
People Care and Development Manager
TR Group