For many companies in Australasia, alcohol abuse is a major problem. This is further complicated by laws that govern what actions you may take.

Companies employing personnel who work in safety-sensitive areas may need to take a different approach than those employing staff in other types of roles.

Intoxicated man
Alcohol in glass

How is alcohol testing conducted?

Testing is generally performed using breathalysers, identical to what police agencies use on the roads.

Alcohol levels are set by individual companies and should be outlined in the company’s substance use (drug and alcohol) policy. Country-specific drink drive laws must also be complied with.

Where can TDDA’s alcohol testing services be of help?

TDDA alcohol testing
  • Workplaces
    • Pre-employment testing
    • Random
    • Rehabilitation
    • Return to work
    • After incidents/accidents
    • Reasonable cause

Why choose TDDA’s alcohol testing services?  

TDDA employs breathalysers that are not only highly accurate, but they fully comply with Standard AS 3547-2019 for the measurement of alcohol. Standard AS 3547-2019 relates to the device and not the process, unlike the standards for Urine and Oral Fluid drug testing.

Breathalyser testing in TDDA mobile clinic

Ready to chat about alcohol testing?

Drug testing continues to be a dynamic area of the health and safety industry. New drugs and therefore testing technology and devices are evolving at a faster rate than previously. One of the bonuses of using TDDA has been the provision of accurate advice and on-going assistance of a technical nature prior to testing and ongoing.

Lynn Hart
National OHS Supervisor
Ullrich Aluminium

Thanks so much. I just wanted to say that we could not be happier with the way the first batch of tests has gone. The testers has been fantastic and have really made a great impression with our team members, super friendly and professional. 

Ralph Cobban
National Work Health and Safety Advisor
Pulitano Group of Companies

After extensive research TR Group selected TDDA as its testing provider. The manner that they have conducted themselves with the selected person for testing has resulted in TDDA being regarded as part of the team rather than an imposition or threat. I would highly recommend TDDA to any potential party seeking an outsourcing solution to complement their Health and Safety programme. 

Andrew Roberts
People Care and Development Manager
TR Group