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Becoming a franchisee  

“I was once asked to explain what has made The Drug Detection Agency such a successful business opportunity. This is what I said and still believe today: fresh, dynamic, vibrant, exciting, rewarding, interesting and without doubt, game-changers. 

Being a part of TDDA also allows you to make a positive difference to society, and to do it with people who share the same passion and values.  

Yes, this is a franchised business and yes there are policies, procedures and systems to follow; however this is what separates us from our competitors: consistency and quality. 

That is why TDDA is often referred to as “The Industry Leaders” and “First Movers”. We are strongly focused on quality and R&D, and can adapt and roll out new technology, services and products with precision and ease.  

Experience counts for everything and TDDA is a mature organisation. Our brand is well-positioned in the marketplace and that creates many opportunities for us. 

Being part of TDDA is an exciting journey to become a part of our vision in ‘Creating drug-free environments’”  

– Glenn Dobson, Chief Executive Officer TDDA

What is the opportunity?

Illicit drug use is the fastest-growing health and safety issue in Australasian workplaces. TDDA is a network of franchisees which provides on-site drug and alcohol testing, policy development and education programmes designed to ensure safer workplaces.  

We recruit people who share our values and want to be part of a fast-growing brand while enjoying the independence of owning your own business.  

Franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds. You don’t need to have experience in the drug-testing field. Business experience can be an advantage, however our comprehensive training and mentoring ensures you gain the skills required to manage and grow your franchise.

TDDA franchisee opportunity
Becoming a franchisee

Why choose TDDA?

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TDDA franchisees benefit from: 

  • A high-growth industry at the forefront of workplace safety 
  • A proven business model with major growth potential 
  • An exclusive, clearly-defined territory to build your own business 
  • Comprehensive training in business, operational and compliance areas 
  • The latest R&D in our industry providing your business at all times with the latest knowledge and quality equipment that keeps TDDA ahead of the competition 
  • National and international client referrals from members of the TDDA group 
  • Hands-on involvement in international strategic meetings and conference 
  • Business Development Manager who assists in attaining clients in your territory 
  • Low entry costs with low overheads

    Franchise opportunity in Australia

    TDDA currently has a unique franchise opportunity in Tasmania, Australia. As franchisee, you can dominate the local market with exclusive rights to the whole of Tasmania as a single franchise territory. Every lead received for Tasmania will be allocated to you, and you can base yourself in Hobart, Launceston or anywhere in between. 

    TDDA mobile clinics, franchisee opportunity in Tasmania Australia

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    My wife Tracy and I have been part of the TDDA Team as owners of TDDA Bay of Plenty/The Lakes for 8.5 years and we still love coming into work every day. My background was in professional rugby, and I didn’t have a lot of knowledge around drug testing other than the testing I’d undergone as a player.

    The support and knowledge we’ve received from our colleagues and national support office is immeasurable!

    We love being part of a big team—our strength comes from TEAMWORK and our ability to learn, act and support each other and our clients. We are proud to be a part of the TDDA Family!

    Errol Brain
    General Manager
    Bay of Plenty & The Lakes

    I’ve been a franchisee with TDDA since 2015 and couldn’t have felt more supported on this journey! Through the franchise mentoring programme I received expert guidance through opportunities and challenges unique to my business.

    When I started working with a major client category TDDA provided full marketing support through a specialised PR consultancy who provided content for newsletters, articles and ad designs for magazines. This enabled our services to quickly gain recognition, which meant revenue was immediate.

    Michael Pivac
    General Manager
    Tullamarine & Thomastown

    I’ve been a franchise owner since 2008 and have seen huge developments in our industry. TDDA’s commitment to research and development has been extremely impressive and gone a long way in securing our position as industry leaders. This has not only greatly helped grow my business, but more importantly, given me purpose in creating safer workplaces across the lower North Island.

    Jason Trembath
    General Manager
    Palmerston North and Wellington

    TDDA’s digitalisation of testing and the introduction of the Imperans system has been a game-changer for not only our larger scale projects but our day-to-day business. It has enabled us to not only test more efficiently, but it allows clients to immediately see results and reports.

    Jo Stevenson
    General Manager